Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Butternut Squash Coconut Curry

Serves 4 Meals
1 Whole Butternut Squash (BNS)
2 Cans of Coconut Curry
2 Onions
3 Carrots
Curry Powder
Garlic Puree
*Optional Salt

Peel the Butternut Squash and roast it in the oven, gut the seeds and cut into small chunks about 2cm by 2cm, this by far is the longest bit of the meal as it takes an hour before you can even cut it to roast it.*
I actually learned later on that it is far faster if you microwave it and then peel it after its cooled down, I've been vegan for 6/7 months no and I learnt this tip about 4 months in, I'm still learning.
Grate the carrots, this if for the texture.
Chop the onions into fine strips

After the the BNS has been peeled roasted and cut, place that to the side and add the chopped onions to a none stick frying pan. Make sure you keep stirring until they are golden brown, if they get dry they will burn and stick. Add the grated carrot and mix until the carrots and the onions are really incorporated together and sort of soft and caramelised.
Add the Garlic Puree and then the chunks of BNS, stir until incorporated and then add the coconut milk. Add the curry powder and stir until the coconut changes colour to a curried yellow, add salt and pepper to taste.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vegan: What I eat In a Day

A lot of people ask me what I eat in a day because they can't fathom a diet without meat or diary in it, so constantly when I have to ask a waiter to get me out the allergy book so I can check that their dishes don't have cow in it I get accosted with questions about why and protein and other things, its highly annoying. So this blog is going to perfectly highlight what I eat and how much protein I get. That way I can just right them down the URL to this blog post and get on with eating my dinner.

Breakfast Choices:
1 Toast with 40g of Peanut Butter
1 Toast with 40g of Soya Cheese
Muesli with Rice or Coconut milk
Scottish Oats with Hot water
Fruit and plant milk Smoothie
Fortified Cereal with plant milk
Scrambled Tofu
Banana dairy free pancakes
Fruit Bowl
Plus Many More...

Dinner Choices:
Vegan Carbonara (Yes you read that right, its super tasty and super healthy)
Vegan Shepards Pie (Yes again, you're not seeing things)
Vegan mushroom pepper paste burgers
Butternut squash Coconut Curry
Tofu Pak Choi Coconut Curry
Vegan Enchiladas
Meat Free Tortilla
Ratatouille (for your left overs)
Spinach Salad
Plus Many More...

Side Dish Choices:
Sweet potato fries
Mixed salad
Humous Cous Cous
Jacket potato with VEGAN BUTTER
Sautéed Red Cabbage
Stuffed Eggplant
Plus Many More...

So my day consists with a Breakfast choice at around 8:30/9:30 dependant on what time I'm at work, two dinner choices, one with a side dish choice, one at 4:00 and one at 8:00. I eat my small dinner choice without the side dish at 8:00 because I will be up only about 3/4 more hours.
So heres a couple of pictures from my creations-


Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hey beautiful people, I'm sorry I've been away, my life has been pretty hectic and jam packed, I'm not big on apologising about life so I'm just gonna get straight into the update.

I got dumped, nearly over it, its all well now, I've told him to never talk to me again and I'm getting on with my life, which for me is going better than his life so yeah I feel good about it all. Not quite ready to date yet, its been a couple of months and I keep seeing his ex previous to mine and his relationship all over my work, looks like we working in the same contact centre. Is it awkward? HELL YES. Do I feel bad about it, nope, because I've seen her in the flesh now I am confident about myself.

I got my grade back from uni, I got my expected 2:1 and my dissertation got a FIRST which means if I want to I could apply for a PhD in the field my professor wants me to go in. Which is the societal effects of class infrastructure and their representations in a right wing media, I would love to do it but a life in academia is very stressful life and I kinda wanna make enough money to be comfortable and sit back and enjoy my life, instead of creating constant argument against the corporate machine of political hierarchy.

I have a job, a 40 hour per week decently paid job. Its a sales role and I get a basic wage and commission on top IF I hit my minimum sales target of 65 per week, works out as 13 sales per day, but I get 50p per sale, which at 65 sales equals £32.50. Every week IF I make my target is a good booster on my wage packet. So yeah I am really enjoying my job.

I have become VEGAN. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF. I have had a bloat on my belly for about 10 years, every time I eat I have had a bloat. I have also for the last three years started to get a bit of a pouch, which is not attractive. I've been vegan for about 4 weeks (and I will be vegan for the rest of my life) and in the first 2 weeks I got rid of the bloat and the pouch is getting smaller and flatter. I have loads more energy and I feel fantastic. I feel like I have no belly. Some people feel their belly when they have eaten food, you get like an odd fat burning rumble in your belly that makes you twist, I don't have that. I eat, I feel full, I stop and then I don't feel full any more, I get hungry and then I eat again. Its a beautiful life.
In conjunction to that bombshell this blog will be taking on a more foody element, as I have become more experimental in my cooking to accommodate my diet, I will be sharing my cooking experiments, even the ones that fail. So you guys can learn from my mistakes.

Well thank you guys. I know I am a bit sporadic with my posts but I will make a mid year resolution to add more to this as I can.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

10 Work Items Edit

I'm creating a little challenge for myself as I'm trying to save money but I'm entering the professional world therefore I'll need a professional wardrobe, so discussing this with my mum she suggested that I only need a few items to last me the rest of the year. It is the best thing for me economically because I can then split my washing into two piles, lights and darks and I can let my leisure wardrobe build up and buy very pretty things that I can wear on nights-out. So here's my 10 Work Items Edit.

Clockwise from top left-hand corner:- Skirt Newlook £12.99 // Slim Cigarette Linen Trousers £22 //Skinny Crop Trouser £22 // Cigarette Trousers In Crepe £28.
Why I've picked these items:- Nearly everything I've picked here go with two other tops, so I've been savvy when it comes to changing up outfits. Like jeans I don't wash trousers or skirts after every wear because I don't sweat from the areas that these items cover.The skirt I can pair with every other top, the white trousers I can pair with the khaki shirt and pink top, the black trousers I can pair with everything, and the pink trousers I can pair with the two white blouses. Already I have 10 outfits, include the dresses and that is 12 different outfits before I need to do any washing. 

I haven't included shoes or handbags in this edit because I have enough formal shoes that I really don't need to buy myself any more and I am looking forward to wearing heels to work, I don't need any more bags, plus bags will be accounted into my leisure wear as well because I will use them outside of work. I've thought this through thoroughly enough so that I get maximum saving ability from my wages.
Nine out of ten of these items are under £30, one item (the marbled dress) is £45 and another is £13(black skirt) so the £15 extra that would be spent on the dress can be recuperated from the skirt, so by a rule of thumb this can be done in £300.

Including the things that I already own that would belong strictly in my work wear wardrobe I could probably go a good three weeks without needing to wash anything, which is always a drain on the bank balance now that washing liquid and washing powder has increased in price since 2012 and keeps increasing. Its a perfect economical way to keep your costs down and your savings up, if you don't need to save for anything however there is nothing stopping you from going mad every time pay day comes in, but at least I've show you how you can do it in £300.


Saturday, May 02, 2015

Job Hunting Worries: Graduate Style

So these were the things that I bought for my interview last Thursday  (23rd April 2015) unfortunately I didn't get the job, but I did get through to the second stage of the interview process where 9 people were picked out of 30+ so I obviously stood out for good reasons, I might have been because of my shoes, it might have been because of me, who knows, but here's what I wore any ways.

I wore a white shirt as well, and I did feel very professional. There were people there wearing dresses and skirts, which I thought wasn't allowed so I was unhappy that I had gone for a suit combo because now I can wear it to more interviews coming up. During the interview as well I think I was more attracted by the money than the actual job, which is not a nice thing to think really, and I kept talking about research which is the sector I wannabe in hopefully, not sales which was the job they were looking for. 

I have been littering totaljobs, indeed and graduate-jobs for suitable positions after the one on Thursday was not hopeful and also because I couldn't just slip back into the one I'd had before I went to University. I have been panicking when applying for jobs and I have been putting my CV anywhere that pays more that 14k a year with upward progression and where I know I will be able to do the job.

This has paid off, whenever I put my CV somewhere I really want, I will ring them up after asking if they have received it, from then when they have me on the phone most recruitment agencies tend to ask you questions there and then to whittle down the suitability for the role. You then stick in their mind and they will then ring you back when they have found one that they think will suit you. They get paid for finding candidates so this is really a win win for both of you.

I have now handed in my Dissertation, and all other remaining work on any other modules, I am so restless it is beyond belief. If you're a graduate, and you have an job hunting horror or success stories I would love to here them. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Movie REVIEW: Chappie

Neill Blomkamp's next installment of humanity described in none human format. He delivered us District 9 and Chappie is another astounding piece of work, gets at the nitty gritty of morals, power and survival.

Chappie has many lessons, one is very paramount. The nature nurture debate. 
For Chappie there are clear divides on who his is "maker" and who is his mommy and daddy. His maker is the nature, what he was created to be and his mommy and daddy help to shape him into the character he develops. Obviously having a none human as the protagonist is clearly Blomkamps style, but its so heart warming to see clear humanist lessons on life and struggle being projected onto a creature with which humans believe to be inferior to them. The nature nurture debate resides around the idea of consciousness, mainly are we born with it or is it a collective way of thinking that we pick up from the environment around us, and if it is, can this "data" be transfered to none human bodies. 

There are moments in the movie that a tear was shed and I love that about Blomkamp's work as he has produced now two of my favourite movies, not only is his work racially and politically charged, but it has strands of orwellian critique of a hyper policed state and the tranference of human greed in over powerful unhuman bodies, this is contrasted with the human morale transfered into moderatley powerful unhuman bodies. His work speaks about humanity on a very primal and intelligent level and brings in emotional self reflection. 

Its a must watch and you will find youself shouting at corporational heirarchy, rooting for a character made out of metal and fall in love with yolandi from Die Antwoods character. You will also see Hugh Jackman in a character that you will almost love to hate which is different to typecast of grungy edgy hero type, Dev Patel is also another character that you need to embrace. As he is chappies maker you could look at him as the societies conscious, almost godlike in is Omnibenevolence and what he tries to teach Chappie.

IMBD has rated the movie at 8/10 which is a fantastic rating considering its rated from audience consensus.
Its meta rating is 81/100 and take into regard that Shawshank Redemption is rated at 9.3, Chappie has the makings to become one of those classics that people won't forget

Friday, April 17, 2015

Job Interview Style

So I have a couple of interviews lined up, I have one Tuesday in Sheffield, and one Thursday in Manchester both for marketing roles which is booming business and has possible scope for progression. The application pack for the Manchester role said that I was required to wear business dress specifying dark suit type clothes with a a blouse or shirt. I will have to buy these any ways for the Thursday interview, I think I should buy them before hand on Tuesday morning ready for my afternoon appointment in the city centre of Sheffield. 
I was looking at business clothes and realised that I had to speculate to accumulate, as first impressions really count in a direct marketing role, you are the first point of contact between the client and their account in the sector you are marketing. I have put a number of suits on ranging from the cheap, very cheap and moderately expensive, and put these into an understanding of how many accumulations (your time) are you going to have to use to justify your speculations (money already spent), I've basically explained how these items depend on how many hours you are going to have to work before you see the fruits of your labour.

All together this outfit comes to £62.97 and at a £20k job it would take you 6.15 hours to earn back what you'd spent on this outfit. Six hours is 75% of a full day, from the hours of 9am to 3pm you would be making the money back from the suit you have bought.

On a £20k job it would take you 4 hours to earn the money back spent on this outfit. From 9am to 1pm you would be working to pay this off, as most jobs are eight hour days this is half of your day, and if you don't get paid for your lunch it would be that you are working off this suit from 9am to 2pm.

Lets look at something a bit more up-market in our outfit search to fully understand how many hours its actually takes to earn a designer suit.

This Ted Baker comes to a staggering £407 for the trouser and jacket complete textured set and a plain white shirt, when you think about how many hours you have to do to pay this off its mind boggling. At a £20k job you will have to work 39 hours to pay this off. A monthly season train ticket costs less than this suit from Sheffield to Manchester, how crazy is that?

How I did the sums, £20k divided by the weeks in the year, 52 weeks, divided by the number of hours of a full time position, which is 37.5, it equates to £10.25 an hour, divide how much you are paying by £10.25 and that is the amount of hours you have to work before the fruits of your labour have covered the cost of your work wear.
It really puts into perspective, what you have to do in order to have nice designer things and also puts into perspective what your time is really going on, as money is a transactional resource, you could open your closet look at the amount of clothes you have and quantify the numbers of hours you have done to get those clothes, everything you own which you have bought yourself from a wage has cost you time.

Now this is where the value of things change depending on your circumstance, 39 hours at £407 is a WEEK for a £20k, is a Ted Baker suit REALLY worth a week of your career? Could you not wait until your earning well above this? People are so obsessed that good things mean good outcomes but when you look at this way it doesn't really mean that much, now I understand why the recession didn't happen for the rich.

For someone on £25k a year a Ted Baker suit is 31 hours, and that's around 4 days in the working world, and the higher the wage goes the depletion of value is attached to the SAME piece of clothing, literally because the £407 Ted Baker suit becomes like a H&M suit in percentage of wage, its mad isn't, that the same piece of fabric will cost in hours different people, less or more purely on how rich they are. 

This is why I'm going to buy the cheapest suit, and jazz it up with some accessories, I can still look "expensive" buy adding some cheap accessories.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Teeth Diary

English teeth have been the bane of the American joke since I can remember, from little snippets of family guy where the Englishmen in the pub have protruding nashers, to actually going to America and getting told “Oh your teeth are actually alright for a Brit”. All I have ever known is the American Hollywood smile is better than the British smile.

I have been to America; I have travelled through it with my father (a Trucker/Wedding DJ/Landlord) and stopped at a service station in Alabama where I witnessed the worst teeth in my life. The gentleman who was the mechanic at the station had only two fangs and his middle face was none existent. His nose had tipped down significantly caricaturing an eagle and his jaw was extremely prominent. He looked like Popeye.

North America and South America has a massive divide in dentistry, and in that moment, right there I regretted the “accidental” loss of both of my brace retainers when I was 14. I was going to have a brace when I was 14, I had the train tracks on my bottom teeth, all 4 extractions from both mandibular (upper jaw) and maxillary (lower jaw) and just had to wait out 6 months of this grimacing retainer to stop my tongue force on my upper teeth and then I could have the status symbol of train tracks on all of my teeth. I lost my retainer twice because I kept taking it out when eating food and my orthodontist denied me treatment and when she took my bottom train tracks off I ran out of the orthodontists crying, thinking my last chance at dental beauty had escaped my grasp. That service station in mobile Alabama, restored my faith in my own dental care, and for about two weeks after that I took the most possible pride ever in my teeth. It’s highly ironic that I went to America thinking my teeth were not up to standard and came back taking pride in them because I had gotten reverse inspiration. 

From that I have been searching for private dental care to update my smile. My research however has led me to look at more unconventional but very successful styles of dentistry; I stumbled upon ORTHOTROPICS.
The reason I had 4 teeth taken out was because my mouth was “overcrowded” and therefore for my brace to fit, I had to wait until I had all my adult teeth had come in to make sure they could make room and position my teeth into the correct place. My bite was deep, and open. Now it is still deep and the spaces that I had created to make space from extractions, has closed up and my top set of teeth are perfectly straight, apart from one canine sitting higher than the other which has led to shadowy smile.What has happened to my face however is something that has worried me significantly, my face has got longer, my nose has gotten longer and my nose tip is drooping into my face.

Previous to 14 I had never looked at my nose in the way I look at it now. I was researching nose jobs until a conversation with one doctor led me to rethink the whole structure of my face. The doctor actually suggested a chin implant, which I had never thought of before because looking at me straight on my chin was fine, however my face had lengthened and my jaw was not in the place it should have been when you examined my profile. This led me to look at teeth, something I always knew I needed to fix, in hopes that my nose would be sorted and my chin would flourish into what it appeared to look like from the front. As well as a long face, I have also developed TMJ in my jaw; sensitivity to bite down and a more severe deep bite to point where it is causing me to grind some teeth together to make sure my teeth sit together when I am asleep. My research into orthotropic has given me the answers why and I have booked an appointment at the MEW clinic in London in July. I have also booked in my local orthodontics in my hometown to see if they can sort out my face for cheaper, as for Orthotropic treatment in the capital is going to cost me a pretty penny. Mind the pun.

Orthotropic treatment has been classed as unconventional as it is against any extractions of teeth as this leads overtime to a narrowing of the face. When extractions are taken from the mandible (upper jaw) the mouth becomes smaller, and to make sure that the face can fit nicely, the bottom jaw, the maxillary jaw recedes back and refuses to grow forward, it grows down, leading to what we see now as a Gail Platt effect. Gail Platt has a significant Small mouth, an extremely long chin that is set back into the neck.
If you examine Gail next time you are watching coronation street on ITV, look at her profile, she looks like she has a beak, her palette (roof of her mouth) is really narrow, her nose has dished in and to compensate for the depression this will have on her airway her head is constantly arched forward. When she is in shock however and places her face in what would be the correct postural position, she looks like this>>>
Where the friggin' hell has her chin gone, she's a very attractive woman, she takes pride in her appearance an I bet with a good brace and correction of old habits she could get her jaw back and reclaim that chin. A lot of people would just be, "she just has bad genes" I don't believe that, because when you look at toddlers, there are no ugly toddlers, and how is it that ugly ducklings at school can become beautiful swans, if they were ugly as kids they will be ugly as adults if its all to do with genes. This is why I love the idea of Orthotropics, I know I don't have ugly genes because the rest of my face is good and my mother and grandmother are stunner's with great wide smiles, so where did it go wrong? Teeth. Posture, Funtion and environment. 

The narrowing of the jaw due to extraction, can affect the rest of the face by causing the nasal tip to arch forward as to shield nostrils from debris and the cheekbones develop lower down on the cheek. As the jaws almost anchor the face in resting position, the forehead may slope back or forward depending on the posture the person adopts to correct any breathing irregularities caused by the lengthening of the jaw. The long jaw obstructs airways, from a young age this is where asthma may have developed and mouth breathing at night overtime contributes to the problem as the jaw muscles which seldom relax lengthen to accommodate a prevalent open mouth.
I now get it. Now I am really happy that I didn’t go along with the braces that I "needed" when I was a kid because ultimately it would have straightened my teeth but wearing a retainer overtime would have caused my jaw to lengthen as my wisdom teeth came in forcing my jaw to grow down instead of out. My wisdom teeth still haven’t cut through my gums yet, and I suspect with the closing of gaps I didn't need to have, the added teeth will crush my teeth together some more.

The Mew Clinic in London offers a reverse orthodontic treatment. It has said to:
Space Re-Opening – Reversed Orthodontics
Basic Outline: Space opening, dental alignment and an increase in the tongue volume. The anterior teeth are moved forwards giving support for the lips, this does open spaces near the back which can be filled with implants.
Symptoms: Lack of tongue space, breathing issues (particularly sleep apnoea), “dished in” facial profile
Duration: 2 -3 years
For: All ages
Type of appliance(s): Removable space opening appliances and fixed appliances.
Cost: £4000 – £6200

I hope to discuss this with Dr Mews come July and really get to the bottom of my face, teeth and nose complaints. There are also payment plans available which is something I really want to do as I'm a recent graduate and jobs are scarce. 2-3 years is 24-26 months, at worst case scenario I could be paying full £6200 over 24 months which is £260 pcm, because I’ll need to travel to London also I could be expected to pay extra in train tickets. At best case scenario, I could pay £4000 at 36 which is £166, this option is cheaper and obviously something which I would prefer to do but It all depends on the severity of my case.
I will keep you updated on my progress over the next couple of years including videos. 

If you have had orthotropics or reverse orthodontics, I would love any comments about it so I can go to my interview fully informed of the process. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

How To Save Money At University

Starting university from a job, you will see a significant drop in your monthly in-goings as you usually would, so I've prepared a couple of tips for you, to make sure you aren't penniless and without the basic living essentials. This post doesn't consider food, it just discusses toiletries so if your bank is at £0 and you're desperate for some nosh, ask momma dearest to send you an Asda/Tesco delivery. 
Hopefully these tips will help you to make sure that you do not have to ask/borrow from your friends.

1.750ml and 1lt bottles of shampoo are your best friend.
You can get nearly any
 bottle of quality shampoo in salon size on Amazon or Sallys, considering that a good brand of 250ml shampoo can cost between £10-20, getting the larger size not only lasts longer but is better economy. I have L'oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for £50 with p&p and it has already lasted me a term (3/4 months) and I'm not even half way through it. It will last me into next term and I will be able to take it home. if i were to buy the Shampoo and Conditioner's alone it would equate to £90.
Shampoo @ £14.99 x 3 =    £45
Conditioner @ £14.99 x 3 = £45
I've saved myself a £40 off the next loan I get in April because I will not have to buy any more and I can put this money to the next bottles I get. 

2.Clinque's Three Little Soaps Last Forever.
I've had mine since last summer and I'm still on the first one... Just saying. Buy these at £21 and do not buy another face wash for the rest of the year.

3. Take Advantage of Boots 3-4-2.
If you are a fan of your foundation, and you wear it every day then this is why you should buy some in advance. Instead of going when you need it, keep the other two in a cool area (so it doesn't oxidise) until you need them. There is really no point in being suckered into Boot's offers when you only need 1 foundation if you buy them before hand.

4.Share make-up with friends.
If you have house mates and friends who aren't likely to steal from you (god forbid we have all been there) then this is perfect for exchanging makeup. If you have gone a little "do-lally" on the boots spree -hopefully not if you took the latter advise- you buy stuff that really doesn't suit you. Swap it for something a friend has but loathes, you both off load the ghastly stuff that doesn't agree with you and you both find something you might like. Win win. If some of you own a palette, some palettes have the colours that others don't, palette collaboration is the best type of colab. 
However do not share eye liner or mascara because conjunctivitis spreads and foundation sharing is pointless because your friends will be different skin tones.

5.Vintage fairs are hidden gems when you need "new" clothes.
Yes I know it is not technically "new" but it is new to you. Some vintage fairs don't charge by the item but in fact the kilo. Beware of those chunky knits and heavy denim, you don't get many of those to the pound. If you are a dab hand at the sewing, you can quite happily make something out of the material you garner from the clothes.

6.Quit smoking.
My house mate used to smoke nearly all the time, now she probably has a ten pack at the weekend! She would say that she has saved around £20 a week, that is £20 a week you can spend on food, because food is the most important recourse at university.

7.Dye your own hair.
I am NOT a fan of the box hair dye's, therefore if you can network or you know a hairdresser on a personal basis, you can buy a tube of colour from a trade site at trade prices. Alternatively you can buy it on Amazon but it will be more expensive. Couple it with some developer and you have fully fledged hair dye that will last you more than two applications. That is 8 weeks worth of roots, GONE!!! The same can be done with bleach and developer. I get the 40volume/12% and dilute it down with shampoo when I need a slower lifting time. Blue powdered bleach and cream developer cost me around £25 which is far cheaper than a visit to the hairdressers. 

8.Do your washing at home.
Laundromats are hella expensive, do your washing either at your student house, or take it home for momma to kindly do. If you do not have a washing machine in your student house, try to not wash at an expensive laundromat, or speak to someone on your course whether you can use theirs, as long as you pay towards the bill i should think they wouldn't mind. Other students are the first ones to understand the perils of skintness.

I hope you find these tips good to save you money for the rest of the up coming years of your university education. Try not to spend to much money


Friday, January 16, 2015

Social Media and Liberty

 Opinion Piece

I am not claiming that my views are gospel, I welcome a civilised discussion on this topic. I will not be shouted down on my beliefs and I will not do the same to you, I hope you can read what I am saying with an open mind (not to be persuaded) so that you can take from it what you will.

 I have just had to witness a shocking revelation: Someone on my facebook feed is being called into work because he said 'Fucktard' on facebook. Seems a little unfair doesn't it, but its the world we live in, our bosses want us not only to be model employees but now model citizens of society, and I think it is employment law gone mad.

Many people who have worked for an employer, get a contract of employement, in most contracts it says 'You shall not pull the company in to disrepute', disrepute means:
noun noun: disrepute the state of being held in low esteem by the public.
"one of the top clubs in the country is bringing the game into disrepute"
synonyms:disgrace, shame, dishonour, infamy, notoriety, ignominy, stigma, scandal, bad reputation, lack of respectability;

Social media and jobs shouldn't mix, but I don't mean that as a person you can't have your boss as a facebook friend, I mean whatever you say/post as an individual (not on company time) on your social media accounts should not determine how you're as an employee, and employees should not use social networking sites such as facebook and twitter as indicators of a suitable employee.

Mary Kate Blankenburg was taken into a disaplinary hearing after she voiced her opinion on facebook about a protest at an Eagles Game, she said:
Guidance Counselor Should Be Fired for Facebook Post: CB Administration

The protest was called a 'Die in' and was in reference to ferguson and the Jury's decision to not indite two white police officers who unbegrudgingly killed two men they thought (but weren't) dangerous.
It was a sensative issue surrounding race, and she was a little offensive, however I don't think she should loose her job over it. Yes she might be a bit of a bigot in her personal life, but this doesn't mean that she should revoke all the acheivments she has earned from her job.
If the protesters have freedom of speech when they are protesting, then surely, Mary should be granted the same liberty about the protests themselves.

The internet and expecially social media now acts like public domain, its like the greek agora, but in a big data way. Instead of some dude in a robe shouting out his philosophical wants to a crowd of hecklers, we have a measurable opinion machine. We can measure what people side with what opinions by literally counting how many tweets an issue gets. Its how PR pro's and marketing teams understand a target audience.

With the internet becoming a haven for bad/good/outstanding Public Relations, we're also forgetting the golden rules for liberal democracy, that is freedom of speech, and right to a private life. These are basic human rights.

Ensaf Haidar, centre, wife of the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, holds a vigil in Montreal, Quebec, urging Saudi Arabia to free her husband
 Internationally Human Rights and Dictatorship do not mix, Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1000 lashes for insulting islam. If you put islam in a corporate context this is akin to the likes of pulling a company into disrepute and livelihoods of civilians being taken away (their job, their actual life) because of this. It isn't fair but Saudi Arabi doesn't follow the same conventions as European Countries do when it comes to freedom of speech.
Raif Badawi should have been allowed to keep updating his site, with liberal views, his voice should have been able to carry on with his opinions under liberty, it gives another side of the debate. 
Ergo I think that Mary shouldn't be fired and my facebook friend should be able to say all the expletives he wants without his employment being questioned for it. And most importantly I believe
Raif Badawi should be absolved of all of his crimes.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn Voucher Code with Art.co.uk KEWTEE1016 15th to 16th Oct

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Its that time a year again when you look out of your window and what looks back is washed over with rich warmth and rosy hues, your view has suddenly become sepia. Autumn is officially upon us, thicker material lines our bodies, we dust off our thick luxurious jumpers as we embrace the crisp air and wind. Its when our heating bills start to rise and we prefer to have cozy nights in than frantic nights out. One thing that is certain, autumn is the most beautiful of seasons, contrast to winter's stark branches and summers washed out colours, autumn has a magic that rom coms are based on. Think back to a great romantic comedy, such as When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail when the cinematic scenes show ample amount of plush red leaves and quite typically New York (as most movies are set there) looks like a fresh sharp bruise.
Not of all of us have a view like this, not all of us have New York to look outside to, a lot of us live in cities or in suburbia where the expanses of land are built on, however you can have a little piece of autumn to peer at.
Image source
Image Source
Art.co.uk have a fantastic selection of autumn prints, just searching autumn in the search box delivers 8,000+ products, and because its officially autumn Art.co.uk have offered me a great 35% on all products, regardless of whether its autumn related or not for your pleasure.
The great thing about Art.co.uk is you can chose the type of print, it can printed on canvas or glossy paper as a poster, a frame it service makes it a niche service with lots of versatility. To keep 35% of the price in your sky rocket all you need to do is enter KEWTEE1016 in the checkout.

Keep in mind that this for 15th October at stroke of midnight to 11:59pm on the 16th October

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Digital Sex Crimes: iCloud Hack Scandal

Image source

With recent media sites like 4Chan and Reddit being in the firing line after the reporting of naked photos of celebrities we are asked to look at privacy, digital culture and sexual harassment
The iCloud hack which has allowed nude photos of celebrities to be shared beyond their control has been behind the allegations.
The iPhone is a celebrities preferred phone of choice as many celebs are snapped holding, tapping or on a call with an iPhone in hand. Phone hacking has been a constant topic of discussing in journalism, but when its citizens who do the hacking who can you sue?
Its not yet know if 4Chan and Reddit are behind the photos, but one thing is straight-forward, it has some seriously strange code of conduct and morals if it has.
The list of celebrities who have been affected cover Jennifer Lawrence, Hope Solo, Emma Watson, Kate Upton, Amber Heard, Nick Hogan (the first male) and Kelly Brooke.
A lot of naysayers have questioned a celebs privacy, saying that because they sell photos of their body via calendars that they don't have the right. J-Law counters this, believing what has been done to her is secondly a violation of privacy and firstly a sex crime.

She said: "It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change. That’s why these Web sites are responsible. Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me." Source Hollywood Online

Hope Solo a US Soccer star, who has won two gold medals, seconds that saying in the Independent "This act goes beyond the bounds of human decency and, as such, I stand united with all the women affected and am exploring every option to protect my privacy." Source Independent

The FBI and apple are currently investigating the case, and two female spokeswomen have stated that the matter at hand will be dealt with as promptly and efficiently as possible. The independent reported, Laura Eimiller, a spokesperson for the FBI, said the Bureau is “aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter”.

The best outcome for the 101 actresses, models and singers involved would be that the original perpetrators be tried for their crime, not only is this an invasion of privacy its also copyright law which will hold very heavily in court. On the other hand the culprits could argue that the pictures are in the "public interest", this excuse is mainly used by journalist editors when they wish to publish a story that invades someones rights, however as these culprits may not belong to any journalist group they could indeed not have that excuse to stand on.

While the subject might not be a legal matter as it might not be breaking the law, its still a civil matter to all those involved, the 101 celebrities might as well band together to make a solid case against the culprit on the grounds of defamation. These types of photos, as they are very intimate, can change perceptions of certain stars. If we allow them to be defamed because they are doing what any other non-famous person would do, we are holding them to ransom at their own humanity.
Ultimately celebrities shouldn't be afraid of acting normal, because they are a figurehead, without fear of persecution or ridicule.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Anastasia Dip Brow in Soft Brown

I've been eyeing the Dip Brow Promade since it first came out, MAC had a similar version called dipdown which was more of a liner and was a favourite among the brunette youtubers for filling in brows. The first youtuber that introduced me to the idea, that an opaque gel type cream could be used to fill in my brows, was chrisspy, an american youtuber. Previously I had been using the MAC mechanical pencil in my favourite colour Lingering as it suited my bold blonde hair without being too dark, and enough wax for them to stay in place. I then used a generic clear mascara from avon from the colour collection aimed more towards the teenage market and then a darker eyebrow pencil from eyelure which was in a darker shade as I was a brunette, but this was ultimatley far too soft. Since then I have been using FAINT from the Naked Basics Palette and an angled brush from crownbrush to fill them in. I was ready for this purchase, thouroughly ready to try a different texture in my brows.

I ordered mine from net-a-porter, it was quite hard for me to source as its not a typical english product, but it was nice to find it with the exact same price as it was on the anastasia beverly hills website. I'm aware that sometimes american products can be more expensive to get in england, but with this I was pleasantly surprised. I had the option to have normal packaging or the traditional net-a-porter packaging, of course I went with the latter for blogging and photographical purposes.
The box is gorgeous, its a matte black, tied with a white dot- edged bow, then with another tiny bow with the logo of net-a-porter on. Inside it had my package in a ziplock bag and a little black satin drawstring bag with an extra goodie inside. My extra goodie was a measuring tape, perfect as it was retractable, sleek enough to fit in my bag, as this is my first purchase from the site I dont know if thats a recurrance with other purchases. I hope not, I don't want multiple tape measures rolling around my bedroom.

I bought soft brown, I'm now a blonde with darkened roots, so this was strategic for me. If I wanted to go back brunette this would still look dark in my brow hairs, if I wanted to go all blonde with no roots, as my eyebrows are dark anyways it wouldnt look too dark. Of course it will always complement my root regrowth. Soft brown has a warmth to it, its really creamy and with one sweep of my angled brush I recieved a lot of colour pay off on the back of my hand.

I've used it over powder drawn eyebrows, and its smudge proof, I will not come off unless you wash it off which is a bonus as I am in the art of razor shaping my eyebrows at the moment so they are very thin at the ends. I am going to develop the numerous way I can fill in my brows and then publish a tutorial in the future on my prefered method. So keep an eye out for that one.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 Hello Beautifuls

Ideas, Ideas Ideas, whizzing round my head like Dick Dastardly, the DIY & CRAFTS section of bloglovin was like crafters crack to me. Getting a DIY high on the type of things I could create after seeing a plethora of beautiful creations, I nearly Over Dosed. I started looking around my bedroom and realised that the furniture I bought in my first year of university was worth some paint and TLC. Could I start creating my own cushion fillers as dunelm mills ones were too expensive and full or too thin and dirt cheap, yes I could because there was a tutorial for that too. Picture Augustas Gloop in Charlies Choc Factory, it was that kind of awe.

I have plans, big plans. I am hoping to move out once I have finished my fnal year at University. Its almost enough to make me wanna work really hard so I can get a fab job and then afford a really decent house, add all the ideas I have now waiting to be written down and materials sourced and I'm in determination heaven.
Bloglovin and its great catagory selection has just inspired me whole heartedly through bloggers and their projects. Gorgeous quilting, upcycled furniture and storage solutions, the bloggers I was scoping out had some impressive DIY products in their arsenal.

I imeditley made a list, What do I have and What do I need

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Knitting Journey: Learning Recap

Current Project
10 Stitch blanket using a wrap and turn.
Pattern using
Got this pattern from youtube and was directed to the above link, its a blanket that doesnt require you to have the longest circular needles, as only ten stitches are on your needle. Its really pretty and you can see the pattern emerging as you go along.

What I've Learnt
  1. Stockinette, annoyingly curls around, so to counter it I have to slip the first knit stitches on the knit row to accomodate.
  2. As regards to a beginner knitter, I have even consistency with my knitting, my rows and columns are rarely different sizes
  3. I've practiced with backward/mirror knitting as its easy not to turn the work, but I've found that I am actually faster at purling and turning the work. 
  4. I am an english knitter, which means I hold my working yarn in my right hand.
  5. I throw the yarn.
  6. I pull my tension, my knitting is tight, I can't pull it apart that far, so it doesnt have that much stretch.

    Knitting Society Websites
    Ravely.com- Really good for sharing patterns, reminds me of the very old myspace layout. Love this
    website, I'm there under Knitnatnat
    VogueKnitting.com- Patterns galore, yarns galore, its basically a magazine format, so expect the same as you would with cosmopolitan just centred around knitting with this. Great thing is that the mag can be downloaded onto tablets, and its subsidery magazines such as knitsimple have written patterns and difficulty rating next to a featured spread. Its really exciting to see a gorgeous knitted jumper in the mag and realiseing it gives you the exact pattern to create it. A* for Pattern Inspo!!!
    WoolWarehouse.co.uk- Not a society but more of a shop, anything that you could possibly want in the world to do with knitting you can find here.
    Craftsy.com- Login and share your work with millions of people, learn how to knit (I personally find youtube the best for this) buy yarn, joining the community lets you share with other likeminded people your projects and patterns.
    Knittingparadise.com- Old fashioned forum, the holey (hehe see what I did) grail of community online. post your questions wait for a reply, get notified and just carry on chatting. It also has pictures of some of the most gorgeous lacework I have ever seen, it gives a beginner knitter like myself the real urge to own in on the craft.
    Pinterest- You when your really interested in something and then you basically source all inspirational ideas online and stick em in one place, where you can go and look at your virtual interest shrine and marvel at it. Well thats pinterest, its used for everything you want to keep really. Like a viral notebook. Search for knitting charts, lace patterns and pictures, all an HASHTAG away.
Right then beauties, if your a knitter, I'd love to know your ravely ID/username. If you've ever thought about knitting but never actually got round to it, feel free to tweet me and I'll introduce you to some really easy youtube videos that cover all the basics for you. If you just intrigued pop a comment on this post and I'll reply sooner than you think.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clinique Three Little Soaps: Review

Good Day Beautifuls'
I was desperate to get a good cleanser, I had been using clearasil while I stayed at my boyfriends house during summer, and was using my mums elemis pro-radiance cleanser while I stayed at home. I wanted my own, I had slept at my friends a couple of nights and had a bath at hers, and she let me use her clinique soaps, at first glance they seemed amazing and when we went shopping I picked on up in HoF for £12.50. I have been using it for over a month now, I've been alternating between cleansers as I am never in the same bed more than 3 nights a week, but one week I was in my bed, at my mums for a full week and BAM, SPOTS ALL OVER MY CHIN. 

Its really annoying when that happens because you get a good cleanser to basically get rid of your spots and here I was using a prestigious beauty brand who has won award after awards for amazing skincare and it was making me a zitty mess, my high hopes were shattered.
I spoke to my friend after it happened and told her what had gone off with my face and she relayed the same message on to me, "yeah it happened to me to" she says nonchalauntly, like it didnt affect her, "it brings all the crap to the top of you face so the more you use it the better it gets" she carried on, my friend april could litteraly do adverts for clinique the way she was trying to sell my ALREADY BOUGHT product to me. 
I have dry skin, something thats been described as normal yet dehydrated complexion, april on the otherhand has still dehydrated skin but its oily, our makeup sits totally different on our skin, she prefers the matte stuff, I prefer the dewy stuff. We have often swapped foundations because hers is too "greasy" and mine is to "powdery".
Zits aren't my only problem with the little soaps either, my face is frightfully tight after using it. I felt like the zombie in hocus pocus when he cuts open his mouth and stretches his face to talk. I have scrunch my face and when I do, it stings, my hole face seems chapped almost. I dont think its suitable for dry skin, yet the girl at the counter was so eager to give me what I wanted even though it was not suitable for me, leading me to have overall dissatisfaction with the product. I'm going to carry on using it to see if it does what my friend says it will eventually do, but right now I'm not looking forward to it.

On a positive note however, they are ridiculously cute. They are sizeable just to fit in the palm of my hand (probably a bit wider than palm) and get enough foam to apply to the face, the little pot is also cute so your shower doesnt actually wash it away with moisture and they are perfect for travel. So its not all negative. I'm sure once I get used to the process of the tight face and having to apply moisturiser DIRECTLY after a hot wash, I wont have any problems.

Have you tried The Three Little Soaps from clinique? What did you think of them and whats your skin type? Did you break out first time like me? I'd love to know more about this product and how it suits you, so leave a comment in the comments. Thank you.

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